I’ve been creative since I was very young. My room was full of things I painted, creating new worlds after bedtime written by hand. I was an outcast always busy painting or writing, watching from the sideline. I never fitted in.

When I started photographyschool everything seemed to fall into place. I found a new passion. One that combines all my interests together. With photography I can be creative, it is also social and I love travelling around the country. Surrounding myself with creative people.

I started up my own company, with everybody around me saying there is no work to find in photography. It now is quite succesfull. I own a house with photostudio in Rossum and I also love shooting on locations. I started modelling too, its nice to work on both sides of the camera.

My dream is to grow bigger as a photographer internationally and travel around the world. Making cool portraits, art and fashion campagns.